Famous Dyslexics: #2 Keira Knightley

“I can learn my lines just fine. It’s just reading them in the first place that is the problem.”  [Keira Knightley]

A Hollywood star, with film credits including Bend It Like Beckham, Atonement and the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Keira has always had a passion and a talent for acting.

Having dyslexia, she found it difficult to learn how to read.  When she was six, her Mum discovered she has been fooling her into thinking she could read.  So they struck a bargain – if Keira worked hard at her reading, then her Mum would get her an acting agent.  That is exactly what happened.

Keira was a big fan of Emma Thompson in the movie Sense and Sensibility, so she learned to read by reading the Sense and Sensibility script.  Her Mum told her ‘If Emma Thompson couldn’t read, she’d make sure she’d get over it, so you have to start reading, because that’s what Emma Thompson would do’.

Keira’s acting talent has led to her being a highly paid Hollywood actress with a string of nominations and awards to her name.  She is a shining example of how to overcome challenges that dyslexia can present, and find the gifts within dyslexia.


The Telegraph


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